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  • Assistance in promoting your talent, your look, and your style.
  • Research Materials you need to learn your industry (Informative Knowledge in the fields of modeling, acting and music, photography)
  • Learning the tricks of your trade
  • Effective marketing campaign to help establish your career as a model, an actor ,musician or as a photographer
  • The opportunity to work with the most prestigious companies in the business.
  • Agents have access to a large talents database.

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What is online representation?

Online representation is the most inexpensive marketing tool available; it gives you exposure to international modeling agencies, designers, casting directors, film companies, producers, photographers, record companies, and others. It provides the viewers with a simple way to access your promotional materials and cuts down on casting time and extra expenses to you, as the talent, and to the company interested in hiring you.

What can I expect from IDOL network?

Our marketing department actively assists you in promoting your talent, your look, and your style. We have a very effective marketing campaign to help establish your career as a model, an actor or a musician. Our mission is to provide professional representation for you and create the opportunity to work with the most prestigious companies in the business.  Without representation, your potential is limited because the top companies in each division will not work with an individual on a personal basis.  You must be backed by a company who has the faith in you to help you achieve your goals. There will be many clients that contact you through our site directly through email or phone. These clients have been personally screened by us and we stand behind them that they are offering a professional job to you.

Will IDOL NETWORK personally call me for assignments?

The answer here is occasionally yes, if a company has contacted us directly about you, and they prefer hiring you through us rather than personally through our message system. An agent from our office will contact you first by email, and then by phone, until we speak with you about the offer you are being presented with. This is why it is most important to make certain the information in your profile is up to date and 100% correct. The majority of your work will come through personal communication between you and the client.  We are here to eliminate that middle person that takes a percentage of your well-deserved earnings.  There are only rare cases that our representation will be needed. For example, one of the BIG 5 records labels happens to run across your music and likes the sound and style. Unfortunately, they do not deal with artists directly. You must be represented by an agency, independent label, or entertainment attorney in order for communication to take place between you as the artist and a major record company. As a rising independent label, Idol Records, we would handle these matters for you.  If the venture is a success and a contract is signed by both parties, this is the only time we collect a commission fee of 10%. We do not gain any profit from the work you book on your own through your online profile on our system.

What if I don't have much experience?

In all cases, prior experience in any field improves your chances of being selected for certain projects.  However, it is not necessary to have extensive training and/or experience in the industry to get

Disclaimer We can't guarantee that you'll become an overnight star, but we can guarantee that top executives in show business will see you. All members who are invited to take part in the network have shown great effort and willpower in making their career a success. Wishing you all the best for the future! mega buck's contract. You can be the most beautiful, talented person in the world, but success is not a guarantee without that passion that lies deep within your very soul to drive you